Alleged Child Predator Tells Victim To 'Get Over It'

Alleged Child Predator Tells Victim To 'Get Over It' Promo Image

An Arkansas man admitted to sexually abusing an underage girl while telling her online to "get over it," police said.

Ronnie Lynn Gipson, 45, is alleged to have sexually abused the victim from the time she was 4 years old to the time she was 12, reports The Kansas City Star. Gipson had lived with the young girl in Atkins.

When the victim, who is now an adult and serving in the Air Force, reported the abuse to authorities, investigators came up with a plan to get Gipson to confess to the abuse online. The victim was instructed to confront Gipson on Facebook about what he had reportedly done.

After the woman confronted Gipson, he admitted he had raped her, and said "it's done," and that the victim should "get over it."

Gipson later told police he had initiated sexual conduct with the victim when she was 3 or 4 years old, and began to have sex with her when she was 8. He reportedly used the phrase "Do you want to play?" as a code before he initiated the abuse.

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Gipson allegedly would "get naked with the victim in the bed" before performing sexual acts on her or forcing her to perform them on him, according to the River Valley Leader.

Raw Story reports that the acts of rape included digital penetration, oral contact and sexual intercourse.

Gipson was instructed to refrain from having further contact with the victim.

"You're ordered to have no contact with the victim," said Pope County Judge Don Bourne. "Don't call her, don't write her, don't communicate with her."

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Gipson is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail and faces a minimum sentence of 25 years, if convicted. Gipson told the judge that he had not been convicted of a felony before.

"The basis of that bond amount, judge, number one is the likelihood of conviction, you have an admission by the defendant and you also have a recorded conversation as elaborated by the investigator," said Deputy Prosecutor Steven Higgins. "In addition judge, if you consider the likely sentence, with the victim being under 14 years old, that will carry a minimum of a 25 year sentence and then there is potentially life in prison on the table as well your Honor."

A plea arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 22.

According to the U.S. National Sex Offenders Public Registry, an estimated 60 percent of perpetrators of child sexual abuse know the victim but are not family, such as baby-sitters and family friends. Around 30 percent of perpetrators are family members.

The organization also reports that many children who are victims of sexual abuse do not disclose their abuse until adulthood for a variety of reasons, including the fear of a negative reaction and fear of being harmed by their abuser.

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