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Arkansas Man Allegedly Kidnapped, Beaten To Death For Stealing Bottle Of Wine

Three Arkansas liquor store employees allegedly handcuffed a man at gunpoint, took him into the woods and beat him because he stole a bottle of wine.

Josh Bishop, 28, was hospitalized for multiple head injuries, died less than a month after the attack. Bishop’s estate filed a lawsuit against the three men, Allen Rogers, Lane Rogers and Sammie Townes, in Miller County Court on Oct. 1.

The family says Bishop left Chubby Cheeks liquor store in Texarkana on Jan. 25 and was drinking in the woods with his friend Wesley Attaway when the three liquor store workers fired gunshots at them.

"After handcuffing Mr. [Wesley] Attaway and Mr. Bishop into helpless positions, each of the three Chubby Cheeks representatives took turns physically assaulting Mr. Attaway and Mr. Bishop; such vicious attacks included hitting them in the face with a hammer or mallet, and/or striking them with their hands, and/or kicking them, and/or hitting them and slamming Mr. Josh Bishop's face into the paved roadway," the complaint states.

The family alleges that the attackers slammed Bishop’s head into concrete and hit him in the face with a hammer.

"Mr. Attaway and Mr. Bishop both suffered injuries to their head,” the complaint says. “Mr. Bishop suffered multiple fractures of his jaw and a number of his teeth were knocked out by the physical assault by these three individuals upon him."

Texarkana police allegedly responded to a call from a citizen who heard the gunshots.

Neither Bishop or Attaway had weapons on them, according to the lawsuit.

Bishop was treated at St. Michael Hospital in Texarkana and later transferred to University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Hospital in Little Rock, where his jaw was wired shut. His family says he was in "extreme pain” when he died on Feb. 23. He left behind a wife and three children.

Bishop’s family seeks punitive damages for negligence, outrage, battery and false imprisonment.

Sources: Courthouse News Service, Texarkana Gazette

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Guy, Flickr / EKey84


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