Arkansas Family Visits Son's Gravesite And Finds Headstone Missing


The Duvall family from Dunklin County, Arkansas lost their son 23 years ago. The anniversary of his death took place recently, so the family paid a visit to his grave. Upon arriving at the grave, they immediately saw that something wasn’t right. His headstone was missing.

"I was on my way home from work and my wife called me and said that my son's stone was missing," Rodney Duvall said.

The family called the local sheriff’s office, which placed a few calls to try and track down the missing stone.

"They had found the stone," Duvall said. "It had been repossessed due to failure to pay 23 years ago over a $100 debt. I just couldn't believe it."

Duvall said his mother-in-law was responsible for financing the stone, but she moved to a different house years ago. It’s likely that the bills for the outstanding debt were sent to her old house.

"Well, since then she had moved and everything else," Duvall said. "Her address now is not the same. So we had no warning in advance or nothing."

The family promptly paid off the $100 bill. The company, Whitener Monuments, returned the stone to the child’s gravesite.

Duvall still thinks the company could have done more to reach them before taking their son’s stone away.

"I think I could have handled the vandalism better than this," Duvall said. "It was just a random act of stupidity. It's hard to explain I guess. He got stolen from us once and when you steal a stone it's like stealing him again."

Sources: KFVS, KAIT8


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