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Parents Arrested After Baby Eats Meth

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An Arkansas couple has been arrested after their 1-year-old son tested positive for meth. 

Matthew Wade Faith, 46, and Brandi Williams, 29, were arrested Oct. 22 after doctors found meth in their baby's blood, according to KFSM. 

Both were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor. Williams is also charged with five counts of possession of a controlled substance, unlawful use of a communication device and tempering with physical evidence. 

Police were alerted to the couple by doctors at a local hospital after Faith brought the boy in, concerned that he hadn't napped all day and was being fussy. 

Faith said he believed his son had "eaten a crack rock," according to KFSM. The boy's blood tested positive for meth and police were called. 

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When officers searched Faith's car, they found a wrapper that tested positive for meth. 

Williams confessed to smoking meth every day, even around the baby and her 10-year-old son. 

The children are currently in the custody of the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Williams had been previously investigated by DHS and told police she had been using someone else's urine to pass drug tests. 

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She also confessed to selling meth and said she had been using meth for the last two days.

After being questioned by police, Williams texted John Huskins (pictured above), a friend who was at her apartment, to hide any illegal items before police searched the apartment. 

Huskins later confessed to hiding several meth pipes under the back porch and was arrested for tampering with physical evidence. 

Faith allowed police to search him and informed officers that he was carrying a gun in his back pocket, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.

Faith is a licensed gun owner with a concealed carry permit. Police say he also tested positive for meth and "several other illicit substances."

Neighbor Blake Baugher told KFSM he wasn't surprised to hear that Faith and William's son had eaten meth.

"We have been seeing cops for the past three days and the other night there was probably five cop cars, fire trucks, ambulances," he said. "We knew something wasn't right." 

Baugher described the couple as a "rowdy" pair.

"They were always yelling, fighting. They'd drink a lot," he said. "They'd go to the liquor store every day. Every night, first thing in the morning. Eight o'clock sharp."

Williams, Faith and Huskins all posted bail and were released from jail. 

Sources: KFSM, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / Featured Image: Psychonaught/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Washington County Sheriff's Office via Democrat-Gazette (2)

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