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Arkansas Cop Slams Down Innocent Blind Man (Video)

Police in Little Rock, Arkansas, claim a legally blind black man posed a danger to them, but the officers' own dash-cam video appears to contradict their story.

After Eric Wilson got off work from his job at the Lighthouse for the Blind on June 1, he missed his bus and decided to walk home (video below).

Because of his vision problems, Wilson can only see shadows.

The Little Rock Police Department claims it got a call fitting Wilson's description of someone who was allegedly running away or chasing someone and looked fearful.

Wilson was fearful when officers began yelling at him because he didn’t know who they were.

One officer yells on the dash-cam video, "Hey, come over here and talk to me."

"I could have possibly been getting robbed, or I didn't know what was about to happen," Wilson told Fox 16.

Wilson obeys the officers in the video. He walks over when told to do so, raises his arms when commanded and takes his hands out of his pockets when ordered.

But one officer claimed in his police report claimed that Wilson "pulled away violently causing me to lose grip," and that he was "afraid that Wilson would strike myself or my partner with the handcuff."

The video shows one of the officers violently taking the innocent blind man to the ground.

The cops claim they saw a black handle hanging out of Wilson's pocket, which is a special type of clock for blind people, noted the Daily Kos.

Wilson claims he suffered a back injury and went to a hospital.

He filed a complaint with the Little Rock Police Department, which has declined to comment until an investigation is complete, reports Fox 16.

Sources: Fox 16, Daily Kos
Image Credit: Fox 16 Screenshot


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