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'She Is Loca!': Woman Upset After Receiving 'Insulting' Message On Delivery Receipt (Video)

An Arizona woman says she won’t be ordering food from a Mesa burrito restaurant ever again after finding an insulting comment on a delivery receipt. 

Mia Fisher told KSAZ News in a videotaped interview (shown below) that the order was for burritos with sides of guacamole and sour cream from a Burrito Express in Mesa. She said she could have done without the insult.

“I started crying, I was shocked, I could not believe it what they put on the receipt,” she said. 

A message, printed on her delivery ticket read, “Don't deliver to Mia. Just tell her we don't want any more problems. She is loca!!!” — meaning crazy. 

"My first reaction was he did this to get back at me and be awful at me, and childish," Fisher told KSAZ. 

Fisher said she didn’t even order the food, a co-worker did, but the delivery address was associated with her name. 

The restaurant’s owner, Angel Marin, said he meant exactly what was printed on the receipt. The only part the restaurant got wrong, he said, was that the message was put in the wrong place in the computer and it showed up on the receipt. 

Marin told KSAZ in a phone interview that Fisher complained the last time the restaurant got her order wrong and she used vulgar language with store employees. 

"Irrational, out of control, ridiculous, inexcusable would have worked, loca was one of the softer terms,” he said. 

"I regret where I put the note, we weren't trying to embarrass her, but what I said is a pretty reasonable explanation of how she behaved,” he added. 

Fisher said she doesn’t plan on going back. But Marin told KSAZ that is fine, he doesn’t plan on serving her if she does. 

An insulting receipt is nothing new. They often get posted to social media sites and occasionally make headlines. Typically the insult is an identifying description meant only for the eyes of a server or delivery person. 

One such receipt made headlines in Arizona back in 2009 when KTVK News reported a Phoenix mom took exception to a Sonic burger restaurant identifying her children as “dumb kids” on a receipt. 

In 2012 Gizmodo ran a brief story, accompanied by a gallery of insulting receipts, after three Stockton, California, women were upset by a restaurant receipt that identified them as “fat girls.”

And more recently, in December 2014, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, man was reported by The Patriot-News to have been offended when a bartender identified him as “Nigga” on his bar tab. 

The owner of the bar said the situation was a misunderstanding and the employee only used the racially-charged word because she knew the man had identified himself as a “sexy nigga” on his Facebook page. 

"Even if that is the case, why didn't she put 'sexy nigga' on the check?" the man said at the time.

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Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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