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Arizona Woman Flees Naked From 15-Year-Old Boy's Room, Breaks Ankle

Arizona woman Keri Gonzalez broke her ankle after she was found naked in a 15-year-old boy’s room and jumped from the second story window to escape recognition.  

Around 2 a.m. on January 21, the boy’s mother woke up after hearing knocking sounds near her son’s room. When she opened his door, she reportedly saw Gonzalez crouched on the floor naked.

When the boy’s mother yelled at Gonzalez to leave, the 34-year-old quickly dressed and leaped from the window so that the mother would not recognize her.

Half an hour later, Gonzales showed up at the family’s front door and reported that her ankle was broken, revealing her identity.

The 15-year-old-boy told police that Gonzalez was a family acquaintance. She had arrived with alcohol that night and the two had had sex twice before his mother woke up.

After following up on a false address Gonzales had given police, she was interviewed and booked into Pinal County jail for sexual misconduct with a minor and providing false information to an officer.

Sources: Arizona Star, NY Daily News


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