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Arizona Woman Arrested For Trying To Kill Husband With Feces

An Arizona woman was charged with attempted murder after she was caught putting feces inside her husband’s IV line, police said.

Rosemary Vogel, 65, was allegedly trying to kill her 66-year-old husband while he was in critical condition at Chandler Regional Medical Center following heart surgery.

Emergency alarms went off at the hospital Thursday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. Vogel was found holding her husband’s IV bag. When a nurse saw something brown inside the bag, they pulled it from the man’s arm.

When the nurse went for help, Vogel allegedly tried to empty the bag into the trash. Tests found that the brown substance was fecal matter. Vogel had injected it into the bag using a syringe.

A police search of her bag turned up three syringes, including one filled with feces and two filled with fluid.

"This is the first that I've heard where fecal matter has been injected into an IV system," Chandler police Sgt. Joe Favazzo told KTVK-TV.

Her husband, who was not identified, is expected to recover from the attack.

“He's in his recovery process not only from his medical procedure, but from this attempt on his life," Favazzo said.

"The safety of our patients has always been and will continue to be an utmost priority at Chandler Regional Medical Center," the facility said in a statement.

Vogel faces additional charges of vulnerable adult abuse.

She is being held on $100,000 bond.

Sources: KTVK-TV, New York Daily News


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