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Arizona Undercover Cop Resigns After Blowing Cover To Drug Dealer Lover

A married undercover began having an affair with the suspected drug dealer she was investigating and ended up blowing the cover of fellow officers and herself, according to police reports.

The Daily Mail reported that Tempe Police Detective Jessica Dever-Jakusz, 38, met the suspect in June of 2013 after buying narcotics from him undercover and she was having regular sex with him at his home in August.

However, on Oct. 10, the detective revealed while the two were laying in bed that she was working undercover to arrest him. She also reportedly revealed her colleagues’ identities.

"Up until that time, the suspect did not know or ever suspected that Dever-Jakusz was a police officer," the police report stated.

On Oct. 15, an anonymous tip led to police bringing the unidentified suspect in for questioning. He admitted to having a sexual relationship with Dever-Jakusz, who served for 13 years in the police force and is married to another police officer.

According to CBS 5 AZ KPHO, her husband is also under internal investigation for using department computers to look up “stuff” about the suspect, who he believed was having an affair with his wife. He then threatened the suspect.

The affair ruined a five-month-long undercover investigation by at least three detectives into the sale of MDMA, also known as “Molly,” the Tempe police report said.

It is now impossible for police to file charges against the suspect and they don’t know if any charges can be brought against other suspects in the undercover, USA Today reported.

Dever-Jakusz has resigned instead of being terminated a few weeks ago.

A police report was sent to prosecutors last week suggesting that Dever-Jakusz be charged with two counts of hindering prosecution.


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