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Arizona Teacher On Leave After Giving Inappropriate Quiz To Young Students

A  teacher at Betty Fairfax High School in Laveen, Arizona, is on leave after parents called to complain about a personality quiz she had handed out to roughly 100 of her ninth- through 12th-grade students

The quiz had questions about sex, wife-swapping, pornography and other highly personal topics, and officials from the Phoenix Union High School District said the self-scoring personality survey contained more than 200 questions, ABC 15 reports.

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Questions ranged from the ordinary, like, "Are you irritable sometimes?" to the outlandish, such as, "Would you attend a wife-swapping party?"

Other questions on the survey that raised red flags for families included questions about the type of sex the students prefer, whether they watch pornographic videos and whether they'd had the urge to kill someone.

Karina Vegas, whose son took the quiz, told ABC 15, "I think it was very, very, very inappropriate for my 15-year-old son to get those questions." Vegas also told ABC 15 her son refused to tell her what some of the other questions were out of fear that he would get in trouble.

School district officials in Arizona were notified after a number of parents called to complain about the quiz. The principal of Betty Fairfax High School sent a letter to parents, calling the quiz "inappropriate, highly personal and even offensive," ABC 15 reports.

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"It is regrettable it happened,” district spokesman Craig Pletenik told WBTV. “We apologize to our students for being exposed to that. We apologize to our parents that something like this was given to four classes at the school.”

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School district officials have said the survey was not approved and that official policies were not properly followed. Now, the teacher is on administrative leave as an investigation into the matter is underway.

School district officials have said that they are reviewing their policies with teachers and administrators to ensure that nothing similar happens in the future.

Sources: ABC 15, WBTV / Photo credit: Screenshot via ABC 15


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