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Arizona State University Frat Suspended For Racist MLK Day Party (Video)

The chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Arizona State University has been suspended for throwing a Martin Luther King Day party full of offensive racial stereotypes.

The fraternity was already on probation for attacking a black member of a rival fraternity, whien it threw the party. Guests wore what the Arizona Republic referred to as “stereotypical hip-hop clothes” and drank from cups made of watermelon rinds.

The party was promoted on social media with the hashtags “blackoutformlk” and “ihaveadream.”

Local civil rights leaders are calling for the frat to be expelled.

Rev. Jarrett Maupin said the party was "an assault on the black community and our student population at ASU."

He called on ASU to "stop pretending it doesn’t have an issue with racism."

ASU says the party was off-campus and not sanctioned by the university.

"ASU has one of the most diverse student bodies of any major university in the country, and it is unfortunate that a few misguided individuals held an offensive party,” the school said.

TKE, which bills itself as the biggest frat in the country, issued an apology on Tuesday and said it was working with the school to investigate what happened.

“Tau Kappa Epsilon does not condone or support any actions by its members that would be defined as racist, discriminatory, and/or offensive,” it said in a statement.

“We apologize for any offensive actions that a few of our members might have participated in. We can assure all other parties that these actions do not represent Tau Kappa Epsilon and the beliefs of love, charity, and esteem that we have stood by for 115 years. We will respond to these individuals while holding the utmost respect for our principles of being Better Men for a Better World,” it said.

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