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Arizona State University Begins Process Of Terminating Officer Who Arrested Professor (Video)

A campus police officer at Arizona State University will reportedly be fired after a video of him arresting a professor went viral last year.

Administration at Arizona State University says they’ve begun the process of terminating Officer Stewart Ferrin, who has been on administrative leave since vide of the incident went viral back in May.

Reports say that Ferrin stopped Professor Ersula Ore for jaywalking, and when she refused to show identification, a physical altercation ensued. Ore wound up pleading guilty to resisting arrest, but once she accused Ferrin of wrongful arrest and excessive force and the video hit the Internet, the school placed Ferrin on administrative leave.

Now, termination proceedings have begun for the officer, although reports say that he plans to appeal the decision.

“The review of the officer's performance, including his handling of the events of May 20, 2014, has entered the phase in which the department will make a final determination about whether discipline is warranted,” ASU said in a statement.

Reports say that the local law enforcement community is rallying together to support the officer.

Sources: Fox 10 Phoenix, AZ Central, USA Today / Photo Sources: Fox 10 Phoenix, USA Today


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