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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Be Monitored By Court-Appointee For Racial Profiling

An Arizona sheriff accused of racially profiling Latino drivers in his efforts to amplify border security is being assigned a monitor to keep him in check.

Federal judge Murray Snow said at a court hearing Friday that he plans to approve a monitor for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after Arpaio’s office had been found to engage in racial profiling. A report of changes that need to be made at the Arizona office may come in the middle of September, according to Yahoo News.

This is not the only controversial incident in the 81-year-old sheriff’s office.

“America’s toughest sheriff” faces an investigation from the U.S. Justice Department for alleged violations of civil rights.

Arpaio’s attorney, Tim Casey, said he thinks that a monitor could threaten the sheriff’s power in his office.

"Who will resolve the disputes with him?" Casey asked the judge.

Snow disagreed that a court-appointed official would cause problems in Arpaio’s office.

"I will resolve the disputes," he responded.

Cecilia Wang, director of the American Civil Liberties Union Immigrants’ Rights Project, said she thinks Arpaio’s push back against the monitor sets a bad precedent.

"There really needs to be a way to make sure he (Arpaio) is not violating the Constitution," she said.

Border security in Arizona has been a topic of national debate in recent years, after the state and federal governments disagreed on laws aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.


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