Arizona Police Seize 40 Pounds Of Meth In Truckload Of Broccoli (Photos)


Police in Arizona pulled over a commercial truck for a moving violation and wound up discovering 40 pounds of meth inside a truckload of broccoli.

According to reports, an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer uncovered the 40 pounds of methamphetamine in Black Canyon City, Arizona after pulling over driver Ata Hamed Taha, 39, for a moving violation.

Upon searching the semitrailer loaded with broccoli, the officer discovered a duffel bag containing packages of meth weighing 40 pounds. The value of the meth found in the broccoli truck is reportedly $440,000.

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Taha, a Greensboro, North Carolina resident, was arrested, taken to Maricopa County Jail, and charged with possession of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, transportation of dangerous drugs for sale, conspiracy, and control of an illegal enterprise.

Sources: NY Daily News, KTVK, AZ Central / Photo Sources: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Arizona Department Public Safety via AZ Central, KTVK


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