Arizona Police Officer Kicks, Whips Police Dog (Video)


An anonymously-recorded video appears to show an Arizona police officer kicking and whipping his police dog outside a home on Saturday (video below). 

The video was recorded on a cellphone after the anonymous person heard police outside say, "I know you're in there come out with your hands up," according to KPNX. 

Four police officers are seen in the video surrounding a house from the front, with a leashed K-9 sitting by the door. The police officer holding the leash slams its length against the floor, but the dog does not seem to respond. Finally, the police officer begins collecting the leash and walking towards the dog. Standing in front of the dog, he then whips the dog, and later appears to kick it. 

The nearly 30-second video then shows two of the police officers approach the door after the police officer with the dog knocks on it and walks away with the dog. 

The female Peoria resident who recorded the video can be heard gasping as the officer whips and kicks and the dog.

"It didn't seem right to me," the woman told KPNX. "I have never heard of an officer stomping on a dog or whipping it with a leash."

She added: "The dog looks like a puppy and looks terrified of him. I think the officer needs to be disciplined or spoken to at least."

KPNX forwarded the video to the Peoria Police department. 

"We are aware of this situation and are conducting a full investigation," the statement reads. "We take matters such as these quite seriously. Our canine partners are valuable members of our team, and we want to ensure that all policies, protocols, and training were followed in this incident."

Sources: KPNX, YouTube

Photo Credit: KPNX


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