Arizona Mom Reportedly Beats 16-Year-Old Boy With Baseball Bat After Finding Him In Bed With Her Daughter


An Arizona woman faces felony charges after allegedly beating a 16-year-old boy with a baseball bat and damaging his car.

Jeannette Woods, 36, of Mesa, Arizona, told KNXV-TV that she came home around 1 a.m. on Nov. 26 to find a strange car in her driveway and the door to the house open. When she went inside, she saw the teen in bed with her daughter, also 16.

The two had reportedly fallen asleep together after having consensual sex.

Upon discovering the teens together, Woods reportedly took a baseball bat and started striking the boy all over his face and body while straddling him on the bed. The teen managed to free himself and fled the home in only his jeans. The woman's frightened daughter also ran from the scene, KNXV-TV reported.

Woods chased the boy and continued beating him. When she finally stopped, she told him she would get her cousins to "take care of him," according to a police report.

The boy vomited on the street in front of the woman's home during the chase.

After the teen called 911, police found his battered car down the street from the home, where Woods had moved it. The car had about $5,300 in damage and some items inside had been taken, according to NY Daily News.

Police found the bat the woman used during the assault, and also found broken glass from the teen's car in front of her home.

Woods was charged with felony criminal damage, felony car theft and misdemeanor assault, according to court documents. 

She told KNXV-TV she believed the boy she attacked was an older man who had taken advantage of her daughter. 

In 2012, Woods pleaded guilty to felony intimidation for attacking a 17-year-old neighbor with a metal baton. An additional assault charge was dropped as part of the plea bargain. 

About 14 out of 1,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 17 were victims of violent crime in 2010, according to statistics published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 

Sources: KNXV-TV, NY Daily News, Bureau of Justice Statistics / Photo credit: KNXV-TV

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