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Arizona Man Who Fatally Ran Over Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend Twice Sentenced To 20 Years

An Arizona man who ran over his stepdaughter’s boyfriend twice and attempted to run down the man’s father and brother as well, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder.

Michael Anthony Rivera, 50, hit 23-year-old Nickolaus A. Gerenscer Jr. with his car on Nov. 21, 2011, then he turned around and hit him again. Rivera was sentenced to an additional 10 years – to be served concurrently – for attempted first-degree murder for trying to run over the victim’s father and brother outside their Kingman home.

Authorities claimed their was a blood feud between the families that extended into the state of California.

Less than one month after Gerenscer’s murder, his cousin Jesse Camacho and two accomplices assaulted Rivera’s daughter during a home invasion, the Daily Mail reported.

Camacho pleaded guilty and is serving six years in jail.

Rivera, who did not speak in court, pleaded guilty to committing the acts in July. He was sentenced Friday.

Hi attorney Stephen Duncan said his client is remorseful and wishes the crime had never happened.

Gerenscer’s mother and aunt spoke at the trial, saying that no amount time served will make up for the loss of the victim, Mojave Daily News reported.

“He's dead and we've got to keep marching, which is unfortunate for us,” his mother Renee Ceniceros said. “I'll never get to see the man my son might have been except for you.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Mojave Daily News

Image credit: Kingman Police Deparment, Facebook


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