Arizona Man Killed, Another Seriously Injured By Swarm Of 800,000 Africanized Bees


An Arizona man was killed and another is seriously injured after they were attacked by about 800,000 Africanized bees that escaped from an attic.

The unidentified men were performing landscaping duties at the home of a 90-year-old with two other workers from the Douglas ARC, an organization that finds jobs for people with developmental disabilities, USA Today reports.

It was estimated that the man who died was stung over 100 times. An exterminator believes that there were nearly 800,000 bees based on the size of the hive, which was approximately 3-feet by 8-feet, reports CNN.

The exterminator had to cut through part of the ceiling of the house because the hive was simply too big. The 90-year-old owner of the home was uninjured.

However, by the time Douglas Fire Chief Mario Novoa’s department responded to the scene Wednesday morning, they found five people had been stung many times and the bees were still swarming the area.

Some of the emergency responders treated the victims, while others warned residents of the neighborhood to stay inside and close their windows.

"We get calls about bees fairly often but I've never seen anything to this extent,” Novoa told CNN. “This is the first time we have recorded a death in our community from bees.”

According to Gawker, the beekeepers who inspected the scene "said the bees had maintained a hive there for at least ten years."

Sources: USA TodayCNN, Gawker

Image Credits: fra-NCIS, kaibara87/Flickr


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