Arizona Man Decapitated After Falling Into Wood Chipper (Video)

An Arizona landscaper has died after getting caught in a wood chipper.

According to reports, police responded to the scene on Thursday outside of a car dealership in Phoenix where the victim died. A small crew with local company Trim-A-Tree was working when the man reportedly tripped and fell head first into an industrial-sized wood chipper. Police confirmed that he was decapitated.

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“It's the type of wood chipper where the chute end actually will push the debris into the back of the truck so it can handle large branches," Detective Seth Tyler to KTVK. "It's extremely powerful."

Sadly, the man’s two sons were on the team during the incident and watched their father die.

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“This situation is very terrible, yes," said Brenda Zapata, a family member. "We're never going to see his smiling face one more time. He was just a happy, happy man. He loved his family.”

While an investigation continues, it’s clear that the incident was nothing more than a tragic accident.

Sources: Daily Mail, KTVK


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