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Arizona Man Christopher Jackson Arrested After Branding Initials On Girlfriend

Arizona man Christopher Jackson was arrested last week after he branded his initials on his girlfriend.

According to court records, Jackson used a branding tool and a butane torch to burn the initials “CJ” onto her vaginal area.

The torch and branding tool were later found in Jackson’s home after police retrieved a search warrant.

On May 15, Jackson and his girlfriend went to a baseball game. Jackson wanted to go dancing afterward, but the victim said she was too tired and Jackson gave her some pills that were meant to wake her up. Instead, she passed out.

The victim said she had purposefully been drugged so Jackson could brand his initials on her while she was unconscious.

She also noted that she had been fearful to come forward about the incident, adding that Jackson had branded other women and he had done it to her because she “belonged” to him.

"That's pretty crazy and kind of scary," Brett Schneidt, a neighbor, said.  "I've lived here next to [Jackson] for 12 years and he always seemed like a normal, calm guy."

However, other neighbors disagree on Jackson’s character and the nature of his relationship with the victim.

"I'm not sure about everything that goes on over there, but we've had enough run-ins with him, so I'm not sure it's a big surprise to me," neighbor Kelvin Stevens said.

Jackson was charged with a felony count of aggressive assault causing serious physical injury.

Sources: Fox News, Gawker


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