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Arizona: Man choking his ex-girlfriend shot by her dad

Man choking his ex-girlfriend shot by her dad

A woman’s father comes to her rescue by shooting her ex-boyfriend during an argument.

Phoenix police say 26-year-old Daniel Fuches was choking the woman outside her residence near 51st Avenue and Beardsley when her dad came down from a second story window and shot her attacker twice.

Detective James Holmes says the dad shot the suspect in the leg first. “At that point he got the suspect’s attention. The suspect pulled away from the daughter, picks up a big rock, comes at the dad now with the rock threateningly and the dad shoots him in the abdomen.”

“I’m just picturing what state of mind he had to have been in seeing his daughter getting choked and worried about her to the point where he’s jumping out of a window and down into the driveway to try to save her.”

Fuches faces assault charges.

Police are still determining if they should press charges against the woman’s father.


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