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Arizona Man Allegedly Choked Girlfriend For Making Dinner Too Slowly

Arizona police arrested a 27-year-old Kingman man after he allegedly choked his girlfriend for cooking his dinner too slowly.

Dustin Eric Green reportedly threatened to beat his 22-year-old girlfriend with a rubber mallet. Police say he began choking her instead.

The victim, who lives with Green, says she feared for her life and reached for a kitchen knife. She stabbed Green in the leg, and he struck the back of her head.

Kingman police responded to a call at the home around 6 p.m. Tuesday.

There were two outstanding warrants for Green’s arrested including a violation of his probation and failure to pay fines imposed by two different courts.

He was treated for his knife wound at Kingman Regional Medical Center and then booked into Mohave County Jail on an aggravated assault charge.

Sources: New York Daily News, KPHO


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