Arizona Judges Grant Abortions Without Parental Consent 75 Percent Of The Time


According to court records about abortion requests, Arizona judges have been granting permission to almost three out of every four minors that ask to have the procedure. Since Arizona’s Administrative Office of the Courts started recording the data about such cases, 95 of 128 requests to have an abortion without parental consent have been granted.

“In every state I have studied, or other people have studied, the pattern is the same, and the pattern is that a minor who makes her way to a court and gets before a judge to petition for a bypass is very likely to get her petition granted," said Lafayette College professor Helena Silverstein.

Silverstein said minors go to court to stop their parents from knowing they are sexually active or because they are worried that they will interfere with the abortion, The Blaze reported.

"A lot of teenagers read a lot more into what their parents are going to do or not going to do than they should," said attorney John Jakubczyk.

In the only published opinion related to Arizona's parental consent law, the Court of Appeals wrote that the girl in the case wanted the abortion because she "could not afford to raise a child, and she did not want to be responsible for the child having a bad life."

In 2012 alone, 42 minors were granted the right to have an abortion without parential consent. In 2011, only 32 such requests were granted.

Sources: The Blaze, The Arizona Daily Star


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