Homeowner Catches Stranger In House On 'Doggy Cam'


A homeowner in Arizona made a scary discovery when she was viewing video on her “doggy cam,” set up on an iPhone to monitor her dog while at work.

The woman was viewing the video via an app called Manything, which allows users to use their phone’s camera for streaming live video, when she suddenly noticed a stranger in the room where the camera was set up, rummaging through her things. She immediately called 911 and reported the break-in.

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“My dogs are there, he's giving the dog treats,” she told the dispatcher. The burglar reportedly had begun feeding the dogs in an attempt to keep them quiet.

The suspect soon noticed the camera and rushed to turn it off, but police were already en route. They surrounded the house and caught the man as he tried to exit through the back of the house. According to The Blaze, he admitted to police that he was trying to steal an X-Box.

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“The planets aligned in this one,” Tempe Police Lieutenant Scott Smith said. “We couldn't have asked for anything more in terms of getting real-time intelligence and reporting to us so that we could bring the appropriate resources, we could respond appropriately and safely, we could lock the neighborhood down.”

The suspect has been identified as 22-year-old Aaron White. Authorities are investigating White’s possible connections to other crimes.

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Sources: The Blaze, ABC 15 / Photo Credit: theblaze.com


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