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Arizona High School Holds 'Redneck Day,' Parents Outraged

The Queen Creek High School student council in Phoenix, Arizona, angered black parents by holding a "Redneck Day" on Wednesday.

According to USA Today, "Redneck Day" had students dress as rednecks to build school spirit for the upcoming prom

Wednesday's event was supposed to be a parody of the Robertson family on the A&E reality TV show "Duck Dynasty," who are proud rednecks based in West Monroe, Louisiana.

One student wore a Confederate flag (pictured), said Rev. Ozetta Kirby.

"I'm sitting here crying and praying," said Rev. Kirby, whose grandson Marcus goes to the school.

"This thing really got to Marcus. When you're in 11th grade, that can break you down and make you feel at the bottom rung of the whole society, where everybody is being jubilant. No kid should have to go through that. We all know the connotation of 'redneck.' "

Rev. Oscar Tillman, president of the Maricopa County NAACP, added: "Our community knows what that flag represents. ... A school is supposed to be for education and showing people where we come from, our history, and to try not to go back to some things."

Tom Lindsey, superintendent of the Queen Creek Unified School District, said the student wearing the Confederate flag was pulled aside and asked to change his clothes.

"It was explained to him that in Arizona, we look at it differently," Lindsey said. "We apologize to any people who, because of the word [redneck], were offended."

Source: USA Today


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