Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes Guns in State Buildings


Yes, you read that headline correctly. The polarizing Governor of Arizona made a prudent legislative decision this week pertaining to a state gun bill that would have allowed people to openly carry firearms into state government buildings.

This is the second time that Gov. Jan Brewer rejected the NRA-backed measure. As the law stands today in the state of Arizona, any government building (e.g. senior centers, libraries, city offices) can ban guns from its premises by posting a sign at the entrance. A new state house-approved bill would have taken away that power, but Governor Brewer prevented that from happening with a few swift strokes of the veto pen.

After disposing of the bill, Governor Brewer said, “More thorough and collaborative discussion is needed…The decision to permit or prohibit guns in these extremely sensitive locations should be cooperatively reached and supported by a large coalition of stakeholders.”

The issue of gun control is a particularly touchy one in the Grand Canyon State, the home state of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head at a campaign rally near Tucson in 2011. Giffords survived the attack and has been a vocal supporter of gun control legislation ever since.

If Arizona had passed this bill, they would have become only the 10th state in the nation to allow firearms in government buildings, according to Reuters.


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