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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Won't Allow Guns in Public Buildings (Video)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) recently vetoed two pro-gun bills, one of which would have allowed people to carry guns into public buildings.

HB 2339 would have allowed gun owners with valid conceal carry permits to bring their guns inside a pubic building unless there were security guards, metal detectors and storage for the guns at each entrance, which many public buildings do not have, noted the Arizona Daily Star (video below).

“I am a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, and I have signed into law numerous pieces of legislation to advance and protect gun rights,” Gov. Brewer said. “However, I cannot support this measure in its proposed form.”

Gov. Brewer claimed the bill was an "unfunded mandate" that would force local city governments in the state to hire security guards and buy equipment.

The other bill that Gov. Brewer vetoed, HB 2517, would have limited local governments from passing any gun control laws that were stricter than Arizona state law. Local officials would have been fined $5,000 and possibly fired from their jobs. That bill would not allow public funds to be used to defend the officials who broke the law.

Gerry Hills, a member of Arizonans for Gun Safety, supported the vetoes.

"Lawmakers are far too concerned about pandering to the gun lobby, and for the most part they are out of touch with mainstream Republicans and mainstream Arizonans," Hills told

"For instance, libraries, which is a place where children and families and vulnerable populations go all the time, that's a burden to put in metal detectors and armed security guards," added Hills. "It's not the environment we want for our public buildings."

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