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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes Guns on Campus

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In her veto letter yesterday afternoon, Governor Brewer claimed that she vetoed SB 1467 because was concerned that the public right of way specified in the legislation was not properly defined within it.

Is it just me, or does it seem fairly simple to you? If it's a sidewalk or a parking lot, and the public has the right to be there, then it is a public right of way area. If it's a place the general public is not allowed to be, it is not a public right of way area.

That is so simple even a 5th grader can understand it, but apparently it was too difficult for our Governor even with her entire staff to help her out. If they failed to help her figure it out, all she had to do was call me, and I would have been happy to give her a hand. I even happen to have a 6th grader here at home who could have helped her in a pinch if I was too busy at the moment.

She also gave a lame excuse about K-12 schools which were not even mentioned in the legislation at all.

Thanks to her Veto stamp, Students and Teachers will continue to be faced with the decision of getting an education in a defenseless victim zone here in Arizona, or moving to another state like Utah or Colorado where they are free to be prepared to defend their own life if they are threatened by an armed rapist or thug while they happen to be on the grounds of a University or College campus. The criminals either don't know how to read the gun free zone signs, or they simply have been choosing to ignore them. When you're in the dark, alone, and confronted by an armed thug, do you want to be armed with a gun or a cell phone? The gun would be right there at your side in your holster ready to go. The Police would be minutes away, likely to arrive in time only to draw outlines of chalk where they found the bodies of the disarmed victims at the scene of the crime.

The Gun Free Zone experiment is a dismal failure, which has turned competent individuals into helpless disarmed victims. It is well past time for us to stop treating our students and teachers like lab rats. They should be given back their natural right to choose whether or not they wish to be prepared to defend themselves, or to walk around with nothing but a cell phone in their pocket.


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