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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Criticizes Satirical Article Suggesting Gay Conversion Classes in Public Schools

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer criticized a satirical political website for publishing a fake K-12 curriculum to help “homosexual males and females become straight”, which included fabricated quotes of her approval.

The story cites CNN and Fox News as sources, with People Can Change, an organization focused on turning men away “from unwanted homosexuality”, supposedly partnering with the state to carry out the curriculum.

In a press release, People Can Change said it does not provide services to minors, and is simply an organization where men can share experiences and provide support to one another.

The article quotes Brewer as a great supporter of the program, saying “now-straight children” will no longer wonder why God made them defective, calling the curriculum “monumental”.

The article went viral Wednesday, with over 1,000 comments on Facebook and 200,000 shares, prompting concerned parents to confront state officials.

"It’s a completely phony and vile report,” Brewer spokesperson Andrew Wilder said, “and its authors should be ashamed.”

Though the article was fake, such a response from Brewer’s administration is surprisingly passionate, considering she has worked tirelessly to deny state employees the ability to share benefits with same-sex partners.

Brewer has also made it more difficult for gay couples to adopt children.

The full National Report article can be read here.

Sources: NY Daily News, Salon, National Report


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