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Arizona County Attorney Calls Pot-Smoking Veteran An 'Enemy' (Video)

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery called U.S. veteran Don Ream an "enemy" during a debate in Arizona about medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in the state, but a 2016 ballot measure could make it legal for recreational use.

Ream was not part of the debate, but was in the audience, notes KPNX (video below).

Ream told Montgomery how medical marijuana had helped his health, and offered to help educate him on medicinal use.

Montgomery said there was a difference between recreational and medicinal use, to which Ream said he was also a recreational user.

According to, Montgomery responded:

"Well, then you’re violating the law, and I have no respect for you. I have no respect for someone who would try to claim that you served this country and took an oath to uphold the Constitution and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, because you’re an enemy."

Sources: KPNX,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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