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Arizona Cop Pushes Cyclist Down, Uses Taser (Video)

A newly-released police body camera video (below) shows a Mesa, Arizona, police officer pushing down bicyclist Joshua Dombrowski and using a Taser on him on Aug. 14.

"I couldn't believe it," Dombrowski told KNXV. "I kind of went on minding my own business and then next thing I know, I have a bunch of cops jumping on me."

Dombrowski's lawyer, Anthony Ramirez, watched the video with the news station and made the following statement: "To come at him, and push him down like that on the ground, and then continue in that manner is excessive ... This [video] was enough to catch this impact push, which contradicts what's going on in this police report."

The police report asserted that Dombrowski took off on his bike at a high rate of speed when first flagged down by police, and later came at the officer.

The video shows Dombrowski walking his bike slowly on the sidewalk, at which point the officer rushes up and pushes Dombrowski over the bike. Dombrowski tries to get back on his feet, but the officer then jumps on him and begins the arrest. Moments later, the officer uses a Taser on Dombrowski.

A witness to the incident brought up police brutality to another responding officer who cut him off, and told him to write what he saw.

According to a police report, the 31-year-old cyclist "forced two pedestrians" to "move off the sidewalk," notes ABC News.

The officer also wrote in his report: "As instructed and taught in training, I performed an impact push to the rider and he toppled backwards over his bicycle."

The officer's report said that Dombrowski would not put his hands behind his back and surrender, that more cops came to the scene, and that Dombrowski was hit with the stun gun several times.

After being handcuffed, Dombrowski allegedly continued to "violently thrash around" and was put in restraints. He was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for cuts, bruises and scrapes.

The police report said that Dombrowski came up positive in testing for methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol.

Dombrowski was arrested for using physical force in resisting arrest, operating a bicycle emerging from an alley or driveway, and failing to obey a police officer, according to the report.

Ramirez, Dombrowski's lawyer, said that his client has not been charged with any crimes.

According to Ramirez, the officer didn't activate his body camera until after the beginning of the incident; however, the cameras store 30 seconds of footage without audio before being activated.

Ramirez said Dombrowski didn't know the cop was yelling at him, specifically, because there were other people present.

"Obviously, I have an issue of excessive force being used against my client for walking down the sidewalk," Ramirez added. "My client was literally pushing his bike down the street, walking in a straight line, and this police officer comes over and shoves him down."

Ramirez said Dombrowski's backpack made it hard for officers to handcuff him, and insisted that Dombrowski was not resisting arrest, but rather reacting to being electrocuted by the Taser.

Mesa Police Department spokesman Steven Berry refused to comment due to "an ongoing internal investigation," which has lasted about six months.

Police Body Camera Raw Footage

Sources: KNXV, ABC News / Photo Credit: Mesa, Arizona Police Department via YouTube

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