Arizona Cop Allegedly Beats Teen Girl In Front Of Mother (Video)


A video uploaded to YouTube on Friday, Dec. 5, allegedly shows a Mesa, Arizona, police officer punching and attacking a 15-year-old girl as her mother looks on, begging the officer to stop.

The Free Thought Project reports the teen was a runaway that the female officer was trying to apprehend.

The teen can be heard screaming in the video as the officer beats her, saying that she could not breathe. Her mother tries to explain to the officer that she has mental problems, as well as asthma.

The officer can be seen in the video walking up to the girl and punching her, knocking her to the ground. The teen was then put in a chokehold, as the mother begs her and the second officer on-the-scene to stop, reports Raw Story.

“She just punched her in the face!” said the cameraman.

The second officer allegedly said that everything his partner did was according to police procedure and that if she had wanted to she “could have shot her dead.”

The video was filmed by witness Luis Paul Puleo Santiago. He said police tried to delete the video but were unsuccessful and he posted it to his Facebook page.

“Just watched mesa PD punch a 15 year old girl in the face 2 times she was a runaway is this rely how we treat emotionally unstable teens? The cops wanted to delete this off my phone share the fuck out of this shit,” Santiago captioned the video on Facebook.

Santiago has the girl’s information and plans to reach out to her.

“We’re going to call her tonight, we got her info. Pretty sad she had asthma which explains why she was kicking like a fish.”

Sources: Raw Story, The Free Thought Project / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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