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Arizona Cardinals Fan Kicked Out of Game For Handing Beer to Son to Hold for Moment (Video)

John Coulter and his 15-year-old son (pictured) attended last Saturday's pre-season game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys.

After the opening kickoff, Coulter wanted to take a picture of the game. He asked his son to hold his beer while he snapped a shot with his cell phone.

Coulter, a Cardinals season-ticket holder, was shocked when he and his son were approached by undercover officers from the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (video below).

One of the officers told Coulter that having his underage son hold the beer was against the law, and he could be arrested.

"I thought it was a candid camera joke, I really did. I normally would support the police if I heard a story like this. However, in this case, I was standing right there and I witnessed abuse and overzealous pursuing of this situation. I mean, it was totally uncalled for." Coulter told USA Today.

The officers then escorted Coulter and his son out of the University of Phoenix Stadium and cited them for trespassing.

However, the father and son did have tickets, which allowed them lawful entry into the stadium.

"Providing alcohol to an underage person or an underage person in possession of alcohol is a Class 1 misdemeanor," Sgt. Wesley Kuhl, of the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control, told USA Today.

Source: USA Today


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