Arizona Boy Accidentally Shoots 18-Month-Old Brother

An 18-month-old Arizona boy was shot and killed on Tuesday after his 3-year-old brother got a hold of their neighbor’s gun.

The two children and their mother were visiting a friend when the shooting occurred around noon. The friend, an unidentified 78-year-old man, lived in the same apartment complex as the family. 

While visiting, the older boy and his younger sibling allegedly slipped into another room without the mother noticing. When the semi-automatic gun went off, the mother ran into the adjoining room and found that the younger boy had been shot in the head.

The young boy was pronounced dead at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Police Chief Don Engler of Payson reported that the gun was not locked away when the children entered the man’s home. Although no charges have been filed, police plan to investigate the apartment. Authorities are not ruling out the possibility of charging the mother and her friend.

Sources: Raw Story, AZ Family


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