Arizona Bill Would Force Cities to Sell Guns from Buyback Programs


The Arizona State Senate passed House Bill 2455 on Tuesday, which would require cities to resell guns that are turned in from gun buyback events.

The vote was along party lines with 18 Republicans voting for the measure and 12 Democrats voting against.

The proposed law goes to Governor Jan Brewer (R), who has not said whether or not she will sign it, reports the Associated Press.

Democrats slammed Republicans for expanding the reach of big government, which the GOP normally complains about.

“We hate it when the federal government mandates it to the state, and we’re doing the same thing,” state Sen. Lynne Pancrazi

“It’s not about protecting Second Amendment rights, it’s about protecting the taxpayers,” countered State Sen. Rick Murphy (R), who believes that destroying guns is forcing taxpayers to subsidize a government program.

“Our citizenry demands a conversation about guns, and what do we do? We make sure that guns used in crimes can be sold to generate revenue,” mocked State Sen. David Bradley (D). “Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant idea,” reports

Sources: and Associated Press


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