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Ariz. Elementary School Homework Question: What Should a Wife Do if She Finds Another Woman’s Hair Clip Under Her Bed?

Is infidelity really a topic that elementary school students need to tackle in their homework assignments? That is the question a lot of parents in Gilbert, Ariz., are asking themselves this week in light of an interesting bit of schoolwork their kids brought home.

According to ABC 15, fourth graders at Playa Del Rey Elementary School were asked to read over several situations and describe a.) what was occurring and b.) how they can be handled. One of the scenarios presented: how should a wife react if she finds another woman’s hair clip under her bed? Furthermore, what if the hair clip contains hair that doesn't belong to the wife?

As you can probably guess, the question caught students—and their parents—slightly off guard.  

"I was a little shocked to see it on my homework," Kyera McCloskey told reporters.

"I don't care what age, it's not something that the school should bring up to my daughter," added Kyera's mother, Heather Nicks.

Realizing the subject matter was slightly inappropriate, the teacher who originally assigned this infidelity question later sent out an e-mail apologizing for her mistake. She maintained that she hadn’t read the entire assignment before passing it along.

At least one parent wasn’t having that excuse, though.

"If my child skims through an assignment then she gets into trouble, she gets a bad grade," Nicks said.

For what it’s worth, Kyera seemed to nail the answer (with a little help from her mom). Whether that’s actually a good thing or bad thing is unclear at this time.

"I had to ask my mom 'cause I didn't really want to go too deep into what they were asking me," said Kyera.



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