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Ariel Castro Called Amanda Berry’s Mother

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro called the mother of Amanda Berry, the 16-year-old he held captive for 10 years, to tell her Berry was still alive and had become his wife, according to a videotaped FBI interrogation.

In the video obtained by NBC Castro said he used Berry’s cellphone to call her mother and tell her she was all right.

"I think I said something ... that I have her daughter and that she's OK, and that she's my wife now — something like that, you know, probably not the exact words," Castro, 53, told investigators.

Her mother had no chance to respond.

"I hung up so we didn't have a conversation."

Castro also said authorities missed opportunities to apprehend him for more than a decade while he held three women captive in his Cleveland home. He said cameras at the school where he abducted 14-year-old Gina DeJesus should have captured him. He said he was there for 15 minutes before he took her.

"You could have broke the case right then and there," he said.

He said he thought he was caught when a girlfriend noticed a TV on in a room that was occupied by Michelle Knight. Nothing came of it.

Castro was found dead in his Ohio prison cell on Tuesday, just one month into his life sentence.

NBC provided more details about a suicide note written by Castro in 2004. "I want to put an end to my life and let the devil deal with me," he wrote.

Sources: Huffington Post, NPR


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