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Ariel Castro Accepts Deal Putting Him In Prison For ‘Not Less Than 1,000 Years’

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro has accepted a plea deal that guarantees he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

He agreed to a deal that will send him to prison for life plus "not less than 1,000 years" with no chance of parole. Castro was charged with abducting three women and keeping them as sex slaves for more than a decade.

"I'm fully aware and I do consent to it," Castro said, 52. "I knew I was pretty much going to get the book thrown at me.”

"You understand by accepting this plea, you're accepting life without parole," Judge Michael Russo asked Castro. "You'll never leave prison alive."

"Yes, I do," replied Castro, ABC News reported.

Castro had previously pleaded not guilty to nearly 1,000 counts of kidnapping, rape and other crimes.

The victims, Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus, were not planning on testifying at the trial.  

"Amanda, Gina, and Michelle are relieved by today's plea," said attorney Kathryn Joseph in a statement. "They are satisfied by this resolution to the case, and are looking forward to having these legal proceedings draw to a final close in the near future. They continue to desire their privacy."

It’s possible that if evidence of additional crimes is discovered, Castro could be indicted on future charges.

Castro had previously said he was "willing to work with FBI” and “tell them everything" about his crimes.

"I was a victim as a child and it just kept going," Castro said in court as some sort of explanation for his crimes. The judge quickly cut him off.

Sources: ABC News, Chicago Tribune


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