Ariana Grande To Pay For Bombing Victims' Funerals


Ariana Grande will reportedly cover the funeral costs of the victims of the suicide bombing in Manchester, which occurred at the end of her concert on May 22.

The Daily Mail reports that a website called "Ariana Updates!" posted that the 23-year-old pop star has been in contact with family members of the 22 people who were killed in the blast and has offered to pay for their funerals.

"News on Ariana: Ariana has reached out to the families who's loves ones died last night … she is gonna pay for the funerals!" the post said.

The singer's representative did not confirm the news, saying only that Grande's tour has been put on hold indefinitely out of respect for the victims.

"Due to the tragic events in Manchester the Dangerous Woman tour with Ariana Grande has been suspended until we can further assess the situation and pay our proper respects to those lost," the representative told the Daily Mail. "We ask at this time that we all continue to support the city of Manchester and all those families affected by this cowardice and senseless act of violence. Our way of life has once again been threatened but we will overcome this together."

Apart from a tweet posted hours after the explosion, in which she said she was "broken," Grande has not spoken publicly.

"broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don't have words," the tweet said.

Grande's drummer, Aaron Spears, described the "surreal" experience to Fox News on May 23.

"We finished the show and we were walking back to our dressing rooms and BOOM!!!" Spears said. "We could hear people we had no idea what it was. There was all kinds of speculation as to what was going on."

"Like 5 minutes after getting to the room, security came in and informed us that we had to evacuate the building immediately," he continued. "It was then that we realized this was serious. Initially we thought that the sound was all kinds of things but it didn't hit that this was a bomb until we were evacuated and they told us exactly what was going on."

Spears concluded by stating that the memory of the attack "will live with us all forever."

Police say 22 people were killed and dozens more injured when Salman Abedi, 22, detonated an improvised explosive device in the foyer of Manchester arena. Salman, who was born and raised in Manchester, died at the scene.

The BBC reports that eight men, including Salman's 23-year-old brother, and one woman have been arrested in the UK in connection to the bombing. The woman has since been released from police custody without charge.

Salman's younger brother, Hasham, was detained in Tripoli, Libya, for suspected links to ISIS. His father, Ramadan, has also reportedly been detained in Tripoli.

Salman had returned from a trip to Libya just days before the attack. ISIS has since claimed responsibility.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC / Photo credit: Ann Larie Valentine/Flickr

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