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Arguing with a Climate Change Skeptic? There's an App for That

If you find yourself in an argument with a climate-change skeptic, you can find the perfect riposte just a few taps away on your iPhone. Skeptical Science, a site that compiles peer-reviewed research about climate change, is now available as an iPhone and iPod app.

If the skeptic you encounter presents a specific argument, know that Skeptical Science offers evidence to rebut the ten most common claims, including “The climate has changed before,” “There's no consensus,” and “Models are unreliable.” 

You can also search for a rebuttal via three main argument categories: “It’s not happening,"  “It’s not us," or “It’s not bad.” After you make your selection, you'll get a summary of the skeptic’s argument, a summary of the scientific research about the subject, and links to detailed graphs and academic papers.


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