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Argentina legalizes gay marriage

After a vicious fight between President Cristina Fernandez de Kicher and the Catholic Church Argentina has taken a historic step... Becoming the first nation in Latin America to legalize gay marriage.  The vote in the Senate was close, though not overly so, at 33 for and 27 against.  The vote was not confined to coalition lines, with the ruling coalition and then oppostion voting as their convictions.

The passage of this law is part of an emerging trend in South America.  Usually seen as a Catholic stronghold the slow spread of homosexual rights shows that the power of the Church over public life, and more importantly over the various governments, is slipping.

Argentina becomes the 12th nation to legally recognize gay marriage, a trend that started with the Netherlands in 2001 and has been centered in Europe (Iceland and Portugal also legalized gay marriage this year).


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