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Argentina Architects Unveil Portable Emergency Shelters, Set-Up Time Just 30 Minutes

As we become increasingly aware of Mother Nature’s ability to destroy human civilization, we start contemplating ways to ensure our safety.

One Argentinian architecture studio, Proyecto 2M, has thought of the perfect solution to a potential apocalypse, with its creation of portable shelters which take just 30 minutes to build.

It has a “folding” design, meaning it can be folded up and stored, but pulled out and easily built when needed.

Proyecto 2M said the shelters are made of lightweight material but are extremely sturdy. Their ability to fold up allows up to six of them to be held in the back of a truck, meaning they could be easily transported to areas in times of emergency.

Though the walls are thin, they can withstand temperatures ranging from -5 degrees to 120 degrees.

Since they can also be folded up accordion-style, they are able to combine with other shelters to create larger dwellings with multiple doors and windows. All models come with electrical wiring and lights.

They also have different colors and designs, like military print.

Called Modularflex, the design was launched last year at an expo in Buenos Aires and is currently being considered by mining companies to be used as housing for workers. The Argentine armed forces are also considering purchasing some.

It was thought of by Matias Alter and Matias Carrizo over a late-night dinner. They were doodling on napkins and all of the sudden, the idea for foldable houses popped up.

“We were talking and drawing and there was the idea for foldable houses,” Carrizo said.

“The original idea was to make something fast, something easy to put together and easy to transport,” Alter said.

“With one truck, you can carry six or seven of these in the space of one container, because they are foldable,” Carrizo said. “When we went to the expo, we put four on a Sprinter, the equivalent of two 20-foot containers.”

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