Unidentified Flying Objects In Sky Above Houston Baffle Residents (Video)


Hundreds of residents reported seeing groups of unidentified bright lights in the sky above Houston during a rain storm on Aug. 11.

Photographs and videos have been making the rounds on social media and show circular-shaped sequence of lights moving around in the sky. 

On his YouTube channel, musician Andrew Peña describes how he captured the lightning show on video while driving along a Houston highway and wasn’t aware of what he got until after he reviewed it at home.

“I think the trick with UFOs is figuring out what else they could be,” Dr. Carolyn Summers, vice president for astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, said to KPRC.

“It’s easy to say that it could be aliens. The more people who see it in different directions, the more likely we are to figure out where it is, what it is, and see if we can explain it.”

Former FBI special agent and paranormal expert Ben Hansen says the video shot by Peña from inside his vehicle could be showing, "exploding flares or firework mortars of some sort.”

Hansen added: “The lights in [the Peña] video quickly appear and fade away, reminding me of the results of our experiments. I took a still frame of part of the Houston video and there's a part where it almost looks as if smoke trails are visible, perhaps indicating exploding ordnance. It would be an odd occasion to light off such things during the middle of a lightning storm.”

But differing accounts complicated the analysis of the sighting, according to the Huffington Post.

"Part of the problem is that once the first images and video of the circular object hit the Web, additional videos of completely different lights in the sky were also submitted," image and video analyst Marc Dantonio told HuffPost in an email. "These submissions generated lots of confusion and the news media combined them into one general sighting, which was an incorrect thing to do.”

Dantonio adds that these were likely distant lights seen from a mall or or other area with elevated lighting.

"This you can tell, not by looking at the circular lights themselves, but by looking elsewhere in the image at other lights and objects," he said. "The 'Houston lights' case to me, anyway, was really a conglomeration of multiple different sightings of different objects, but all from the same basis of window reflection.”

Watch KPRC's report below about the recent UFO sightings:

Source: KPRCHuffington Post

Video Sources: YouTube/Andrew Peña


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