Is Ronald McDonald on Life Support?


To combat the epidemic of kids who are shaped like McNuggets, more than 550 health organizations and professionals are demanding that McDonald's stop marketing its fat-and-calorie bombs to children.

The campaign was organized by Corporate Accountability International, which ran an open letter to McDonald's in newspapers nationwide, stating, "[W]e know that reducing junk food marketing can significantly improve the health of kids."  

Although a recent survey shows that adults think that Ronald McDonald is just plain creepy, children are still susceptible to the red-haired reject and the toys that he touts. And while several states have tried to ban toys from Happy Meals, industry lobbyists squelch the bans before they get off the ground.

It looks like McDonald's McCruelty isn't limited to scalding chickens alive. You can help by urging the kids you know to make every meal a "Happy Meal" by adopting a healthy vegan diet.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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