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Alleged Rogue Staffers Are Dishing On Trump White House

An unverified social media account on Twitter has claimed to be comprised of White House staffers providing inside scoop into President Donald Trump's administration. The authenticity of the account has not been confirmed and the identities of those who run it have not been ascertained, but the frequent updates from the account allege a Trump White House that is in disarray.

On Jan. 25, five days after Trump's inauguration, a Twitter handle called @RoguePOTUSStaff began tweeting out alleged details from the new White House. The account has painted a highly unflattering portrait of Trump, alleging his behavior to be closer to a dictator than a president, BGR reports.

"Pres. Trump is already making waves at the office," the account tweeted out in its first message. "Wants to be 'the President who will be remembered as a King.' His words, not ours."

The account alleged that three of the president's closest advisers, Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, are actually using him to enact their own agendas, dubbing them the "unholy trinity."

The authenticity of the account would be impossible to verify unless the alleged staffers who contribute details for its tweets were identified. If the messages were proven accurate, than the overall impression would be that Trump is overwhelmed by the duties of president and viewed with suspicion by his own advisers.

"POTUS fully overwhelmed after full week on the job," the account tweeted out on Jan. 29. "Thing spilling over into out of office lives for everyone."

The social media handle asserted that when Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Jan. 28, his advisers insisted that Pence listen in on the call, adding "insistence to monitor Putin call was due to concern POTUS hasn't told full story about Putin attempts at blackmail."

The account later alleged that advisers remained concerned about Trump's ties with Russia after the call, describing his behavior while speaking with Putin "suspicious."

The alleged rogue staffers have also tweeted out alleged Trump administration strategies, asserting that discussions within the Oval Office reveal that there is no plan to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that the plan to compel Mexico to pay for the southern border wall is to hurt their economy until they surrender, that Trump's accusations of millions of illegal votes cast during the election are being used by GOP advisers to enact a purge of pro-Democratic voters, and that Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was assigned as an adviser so he could "advise POTUS how govt can aid Trump Organization's profit margins."

It cannot be stressed enough that unless the account was verified to belong to actual White House staffers, these messages remain accusations without evidence. If proven true, they would indicate an Oval Office guilty of conflicts of interest and actively lying to the public about policy decisions.

Other rogue Twitter accounts have sprouted up since Trump's inauguration, the majority of them concerning climate science. Since Trump assumed the presidency, rogue accounts for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Parks Service (NPS) and NASA have cropped up, headed by alleged current and former employees of the agencies, Forbes reports.

These accounts assert that they will tweet out actual scientific evidence, accusing the Trump administration of gagging their verified counterparts from messaging about the dangers of climate change.

Sources: BGR, Forbes / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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