Are Massachusetts Police Illegally Seizing and Selling Privately-Owned Guns for Profit?

A Massachusetts man is making waves with the claim that local police are systematically violating the rights of gun owners.

According to Lawrence Mirsky, Quincy Police are revoking pistol licenses at the drop of a hat, seizing privately owned firearms, and then illegally selling the guns to fund the department.

Mirsky claims, “The current chief continues the practice as it was under his watch that $11,000 of my property disappeared from the police lockup in 2009 without explanation until I finally obtained the attached documents confirming what I already knew. They sold them without legal right to do so, and pocketed the money.”

Mirsky has filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security accusing the Quincy Police Department of corruption and violations of civil rights and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. To put it in laymen’s terms, Mirsky is officially accusing the local police of running a racket against gun owners.

The story got even fishier after Mirsky explained why his guns were seized. According to his account, a female neighbor alerted the police to Mirsky because she misread Mirsky’s friendliness as ill intent. The neighbor later testified that she reacted this way because the police scared her with lies. She also testified that Mirsky never actually made any romantic or threatening actions against her. The charges against Mirsky were dismissed.

That didn’t stop the police from confiscating Mirsky’s weapons. Mirsky explained, “They won't let me have a License to Carry after what happened, because in Massachusetts you don't have to be found guilty to revoke your pistol license or decline to issue.” He added, “In effect they have turned ‘safekeeping’ into ‘confiscation’ and have been targeting gun owners using any justification as it is very profitable.”

Are these the unfounded complaints of a bitter gun owner, or are the Quincy Police actually running a racket like he claims? The official documentation seems to corroborate Mirsky’s version of the story. Hopefully, an official investigation or lawsuit will shed more light on this story in the coming weeks.

Source: Examiner


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