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Are Lawyers With 30 Years In Practice Now Seeking Jobs On Craigslist? Whoever Posted This Ad Thinks So

Things must be tough for lawyers in Manhattan. One New York firm is looking for new attorneys by placing an ad on Craigslist. And they’re not just looking for any fresh-faced, law school grad. This job requires “30 years of experience in legal practice.”

The ad (pictured) was posted on Friday and spotted by a writer for the legal news site Above the Law.

“I do love the thought of a person who graduated from law school sometime in the early 80s looking for his next job on Craigslist,” wrote correspondent Elie Mystal, “but I think it’s highly unlikely.”

Mystal believes that the “30” is a typographical error. But as of Tuesday morning the ad had not been modified. There is also the possibility that the ad is a hoax or prank of some kind, but if so, the purpose is not clear.

In addition to the rather extensive experience required for the full time orpart time position at the unnamed law firm, the job requires “admission to the NY Bar and NJ Bar” and the ability to “handle high volumes of work.”

The position is open to either criminal or civil attorneys.

Even if the experience requirement in the ad is a typo, Mystal points out, it seems unlikely that an attorney with “three years of legal experience is sifting through Craigslist either.”

It also seems improbable that a lawyer with three decades in the profession would seek such an apparently lowly position unless there is a huge black mark on the attorney’s record. But hey, if you think you fit the bill, drop them an e-mail at

SOURCES: Above the Law, Craigslist


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