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Are The Clintons Planning A Comeback?

After lying low for months after the 2016 election, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems to be planning her political comeback.

According to nearly two dozen sources close to the Clintons, Bill and Hillary Clinton are preparing to come back to Washington sometime this spring -- but not in elected office. After Clinton's stunning loss to current president Donald Trump, Politico reports that she has no plans for running for any position in the near future.

Rather, she plans to work on endorsing or writing policy initiatives and possibly joining former President Barack Obama's nonprofit organization Organizing for Action. According to its website, OFA is a grassroots group that aims to train and mobilize "the next generation of progressive organizers and leaders."

The Clintons' homes in New York and Washington D.C. have become hubs for political action, according to Politico. Clinton has especially been working closely with ex-campaign aides to discuss her future and understand how she lost the November election.

"Despite the grave disappointment, resilience is in the Clintons’ DNA," said Mack McLarty, former President Bill Clinton’s first White House chief of staff, to Politico. "So, while I certainly don’t expect to see them trying to assert their authority, I think there will be natural and welcome opportunities for them to engage." 

The Clintons have avoided the spotlight since Trump's upset win in November. According to CNN, Clinton initially did not want to attend Trump's inauguration, as she knew it would be painful to watch. In the end, though, she decided that she had no choice but to attend to signify a peaceful transition of power.

The Clintons remained stoic through the inauguration festivities, only showing emotion when exchanging pleasantries with friends. Trump, during a luncheon, appeared appreciative of the Clintons' presence, saying that he has the utmost respect for both of them.

"I was very honored, very, very honored, when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hilary Clinton [were] coming today," he said. "There's nothing more I can say because I have a lot of respect for those two people."

The inauguration may be the Clintons' most high-profile appearance for a few months, according to Politico. The two are intentionally lying low to avoid involving themselves with the current race for Democratic National Committee chairman, which will conclude in late February. Their plans after the DNC race remain unclear, but the couple are working on a number of different projects that they hope to announce in the upcoming months. 

Sources: Politico, Organization for Action, CNN / Photo Credit: Nathaniel F/Flickr

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