Investigators Exploring Stories Of Adult And Child Skeletons Found Shackled In Deep Graves


The shackled skeletons of adults and children were discovered by a team of archaeologists in France, leaving many to wonder what happened to the deceased people before their deaths.

The archaeologists discovered hundreds of Roman graves in southwest France, and out of all of them, four adults and one child were found with shackles on their necks and ankles.

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Experts say that the graves may have been part of an important Gallo-Roman necropolis and are located close to the amphitheater of Saintes. The amphitheater was often used for battles between gladiators and animals, and remains would generally be brought to the necropolis for burial.

Investigators say they are currently exploring what could have happened to the four adults and one child found shackled in their respective graves. Out of all the hundreds of graves discovered, only one, a child’s, contained artifacts that include seven vases and two coins placed over the child’s eyes.

Sources: Daily Mail, Ancient Origins, io9 / Photo Source: io9


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