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Arcade-Style Kiosk Makes Recycling Fun

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More people would develop ecofriendly habits if the environmental movement were more playful. Or at least that's the premise of the above video, which turns recycling into an arcade-style game, reminding us that even the most routine green chores can be fun.

Inspiring good behavior through creative approaches is the focus of Volkswagen's new initiative the Fun Theory. Another video in the series shows an ordinary subway staircase being transformed into a working "piano." As people climb the "keys," tones are produced. The result: 66 percent more people than usual opted to take the stairs instead of the escalator.

While neither of these videos will negate the CO2 emissions produced by Volkswagen's vehicles, we're pleased to see that the car company is encouraging people to make the world a better place through the cultivation of fun. Being green shouldn't be a chore, so if you have ideas about how to enliven your green routine, tell us how in the comments section below or compete for the Fun Theory Award by submitting a video of your own.


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